Rose Quartz Bracelet


This is a lovely rose quartz gemstone bracelet with a gold mandala charm. Rose quartz is the love stone and helps to open the heart for unconditional love.

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Rose quartz bracelet with mandala charm

This is a lovely elegant rose quartz gemstone bracelet with a gold mandala charm dangle.

The internal diameter of the bracelet is approximately 7cm when unstretched and suits most adult size wrists. The gemstones are approximately 8mm in diameter.

The bracelet is handmade with quality gemstones and strong jewellery elastic, and finished with a dab of industrial glue to ensure extra strength. The elastic is pre-stretched so it will not go out of shape over time like some others.

To ensure a long life please roll your stretch bracelet on and off your wrist rather than pulling the elastic over your hand.

The types of gemstones used in our jewellery each hold a particular significance. Many people like to select their bracelet according to the properties of the gemstones.

Rose quartz is the love stone. It is thought to help open the heart for true unconditional love and friendship. It encourages emotional healing and compassion, and is nurturing, comforting and brings inner peace. Rose quartz is the perfect gift for a special friend or loved one.

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