Inspiration Necklace


The short Confidence Necklace is a half mala length made with 54 lovely amazonite gemstones with butter jade accents.

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Amazonite bead necklace

The Inspiration Necklace is a half-length mala bead necklace. It is hand-knotted with 54 amazonite gemstone beads and butter jade accents. The necklace has pure silver Karen Hill Tribe markers with a fossil stone guru bead. Karen Hill Tribe silver is purer in quality than sterling silver. The necklace is completed with a glass fair-trade artisan pendant from Chile depicting a sun design.

Amazonite is the inspiration stone. Its energy is thought to encourage confidence, communication and creative expression.

– 54 bead half-length mala necklace
– 8mm amazonite gemstone beads
– 8mm butter jade gemstone beads
– Pure silver Karen Hill Tribe marker beads
– Fossil stone gemstone guru bead
– Handmade glass pendant
– Length 56cm + 6cm pendant drop
– Carefully packaged in a protective pouch
– Handmade in Melbourne

What is a mala?

Mala necklaces are a beautiful string of beads traditionally worn to assist with meditation. They are also worn as a gentle reminder of your daily focus or intention. For thousands of years malas have been used by Buddhists and Hindus during prayer and meditation.

Men and women all over the world now wear malas for meditation, mindfulness and yoga practice. With each bead a mantra is repeated to a total of 108 times. In yoga, 108 salutations to the sun can be counted with the beads on a mala.

Shorter mala necklaces are frequently used for shorter meditations. They are also worn just as a lovely gemstone necklace.

Find out more about mala necklaces and how to use your mala for meditation.

The types of gemstones used in the mala hold a particular significance. Many people select their necklace according to the properties of the gemstones.

Find out more about the meanings of gemstones.

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