Necklace Lengths Guide

Necklace Length Guide

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you select the right necklace length and style for every occasion and outfit.

Necklaces come in many variations. Sometimes when you are buying online it is hard to imagine how long a necklace will be on you and if it will work with a particular outfit. Some lengths work best with different necklines and some are better for layering.

It is important to take your overall height and torso length into consideration when thinking about how different lengths will look on you. Measuring out a piece of string and hanging it around your neck is a great way to visualise the different necklace lengths on your own body type.

Standard necklace length and styles

Collar Necklace – 30-35cm
A collar necklace sits above the collarbone and flush against your skin. It is a little shorter than the better-known choker necklace. Looks lovely with a low neckline.

Choker Necklace – 35-40cm
A choker necklace sits either just above or just below the collarbone. Two can be layered in slightly different lengths or it looks nice with a contrasting much longer necklace such an opera length.

Princess Necklace – 40-50cm
A princess necklace sits below the collarbone and is a very popular and flattering length. It works equally well with a low neckline or a higher one that it sits on top of.

Matinee Necklace – 50-60cm
A matinee necklace is great for layering in multiples. It sits around the centre of the bust line and works very well with slightly higher necklines.

Opera Necklace – 70-85cm
An opera necklace is another great option for wearing in layers. It sits below the bust and looks great with all different types of necklines. It can be either a casual look or a more glamorous evening style.  Rope – 110cm+
A rope necklace is the longest length and sits either on or below the belly button. It is often in the form of a lariat which does not have a clasp and its chain is simply pulled through a circular ring and left hanging. The same lariat can be wrapped around the neck and worn as a shorter necklace.

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